Our environmental accreditations

We’re committed to helping minimise the impact business has on the environment. Central to our operations and decision making is an active and responsible approach to sustainability.

We’re ISO14001 certified. ISO14001 is the international standard for environmental management systems (EMS). Meaning it helps control and reduce our environmental impact and ensures legal compliance.

We’ve also worked with the Forest Stewardship Council ® to become a recognised FSC company which guarantees everything to do with the paper stocks we use is managed responsibly. To further support a balanced and managed approach to our industry, we’re now a Carbon Capture Company. To replace trees used in the print process we plant new ones to help capture carbon dioxide before it enters the atmosphere.

Sustainable Paper

All our paper is sourced from Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC) certified companies, guaranteeing our paper stocks come from well-managed forests that adhere to strict environmental standards. Visit fsc-uk.org to learn more.

Vegetable Based Inks

We only use vegetable-based printing inks, removing harsh chemicals in the printing process. This has reduced our (IPA) alcohol usage on press to 1.5%, compared with a typical print industry figure of 8% – 10%. We’re currently in the process of testing completely IPA free inks on all our printing presses.


We recycle as many elements of the print process as possible. All metal printing plates used on our litho presses are recycled and chemically free. As are all toners and biodegradable lamination film waste. And we have different recycling points for paper, plastic and aluminium. All paper waste is recycled and converted into packaging.


Our location has superb transport links. To help reduce our carbon footprint we have a policy of public transport first. If timescales allow, and the quantity can be delivered safely, we deliver via Docklands Light Railway and London Underground to avoid unnecessary journeys. We will use our own delivery van or couriers when the job requires them.