Digital print drives stunning flexibility


Digital print drives stunning flexibility

Within the first 6 months of the global pandemic and the contraction of almost every industry sector, we made the decision that the time was a genuine opportunity for us. It was a chance to look at where DCS was, what developments were happening within digital print, what our clients were looking for and what we needed to do to best position ourselves to kick on when the world returns to some sort of normality.

So, we made the decision to invest in the latest technology, and in September 2020 we installed our Xerox Iridesse production press. A 6-colour ‘state of the art’ digital print station that would open up a whole host of new creative possibilities for our clients and help us meet the needs of existing and new customers.

The print technology progress made by the Iridesse makes it easy to enhance marketing materials and strengthen the perception of a business or brand.

Increased creativity coupled with the benefits of digital print.

The Iridesse has quickly become the engine that’s driving DCS forward with it’s it’s ability to deliver a positive impact on our client’s business by literally transforming marketing materials is powerful. Appealing to a hungry audience of Marketing teams, In-house or Creative Agencies and Designers, it delivers print and finishing options many businesses have long wanted but until now haven’t been able to achieve.

And the Xerox Iridesse allows our clients to realise their creative ambitions whilst also benefitting from the advantages that digital brings and the value digital is known for:

  • personalisation,
  • variable data (text or graphics),
  • short runs,
  • cost-effectiveness,
  • quick turnaround

All of the above can now be combined with speciality effects in the same print run thanks to the 6 colour capabilities. And that single pass is another important step forward as print no longer needs to go through the press more than once to apply different colours, you now get a more accurate registration and therefore a higher quality result.

Speciality finishes for even more impact.

Speciality finishes such as varnish and foiling create eye-catching communications & printed materials that deliver the right impression. But these tricky finishes previously came at a cost.

The Iridesse changes that. You can now combine four-colour imagery with two speciality inks including:

  • Gold,
  • Silver,
  • Metallic hues,
  • White,
  • Clear,

Real metallic effects, used on their own or layered over conventional four-colour print, deliver stunning colours. When used as a spot colour over text or graphics, they create a stunning effect. Even when these areas are personalised!

Clear toner and white toner are huge breakthroughs. Watch what people think about the colour white in print. And taking advantage of white toner now means you can unlock more choice by selecting wonderful colour board and print over the top!

Our Iridesse is also capable of printing on up to a 400gsm substrate which means we have the ability to produce bespoke packaging.

And using the Iridesse to print up to 1.1m wide, large format printing has also received a huge boost.

You can find out more about the Xerox Iridesse digital printer and watch some amazing videos on Xerox’s site.

With the Iridesse, we take your marketing material to another level by delivering brilliant print to fit your budget.

Environmental impact.

The Iridesse also has another huge benefit. We do a lot to minimise our impact, and therefore our customers impact, on the environment. From sustainable papers and vegetable inks to recycling and solar power, we work hard to deliver sustainable print solutions. Installing the Iridesse has seen us make further improvements. The technology inside uses less heat which therefore reduces our energy consumption. It’s also more efficient with both the amount of paper and toner used. So it’s really helping us as we constantly look at how we can be more sustainable and reduce our carbon footprint.  Take a look at the figures:

DCS | environmental impact of Xerox Iridesse digital press

Take advantage of what digital print can do for you.

Installing the Xerox Iridesse has moved digital print from a basic option to an absolute must. We’d love to talk to you and show you exactly what it can do. And how it can really help you create more impactful printed materials and marketing communications that deliver more return on your investment.

Get in touch to find out even more.