Mailing line upgrade enhances DCS offering


Everything at DCS revolves around delivering services that make our client’s lives happier and easier. We supply print and mailing services, and manage customer communications, for a wide range of businesses. And we know one thing that rings true for all. We need to make better service, better capabilities and better quality as easy as possible for them. Because if we do that, we’ll help our clients deliver on their objectives and make their lives happier.

As part of our investment programme, the introduction of our Xerox Iridesse digital production press delivered several benefits. It brought greater creativity, greater flexibility, more options and reduced costs to our clients. The range, intricacy and visual impact of the print we’re able to deliver has been fully embraced.

To take full advantage and truly exploit all the new capabilities offered by the Iridesse, we next turned our attention to our mailing services and committed to upgrading our mailing line.

Greater integration of our technology allows us to provide an even more comprehensive range of services. Which in turn creates a much more seamless process for our clients. By reducing the number of partners they need, and the number of conversations they need to have, we give them back the time to focus on their business whilst still delivering impactful marketing materials.

Following the Xerox Iridesse we took delivery of a brand new Pitney Bowes Relay 7000 inserting system. Installing this piece of kit helps our clients create much more accurate and personalised customer experiences.

Mailing line productivity and accuracy for your most complex mailings

Getting the right marketing materials to the right person is essential in creating effective and personalised Direct Mail campaigns. With the Relay 7000, we’ve added the highest possible level of integrity to the mail inserting process. So you can be sure of world class accuracy in your mail activities, however complex.

Using file-based processing, the Relay 7000 utilises state of the art technology to keep your documents secure.

It also offers a range of barcode scanning options such as 1D, 2D (like QR codes) and OMR (Optimal Mark Registration) technology. With a communications hub, adding barcodes to your documents and preparing them for file-based processing becomes simple and secure.

Thousands of mail pieces can be prepared quickly and cost-effectively with enhanced functionality and features that meet your inserting needs.

With a high-capacity sheet feeder, the ability to handle different sized envelopes in the same process, and a range of fold options, your jobs get done seamlessly and with fewer interruptions.

PB Relay 7000 Mailing Inserter compressed

All this combines to give you the flexibility to automate all your mail with unparalleled accuracy. Here are some key features that allow you to do more with your printed material:

  • Process up to 5,400 pieces per hour or 120,000 pieces per month.
  • Fold options: C, Z, Double, No fold
  • Supports a wide range of envelope sizes including C4 & C5
  • Excellent system for short runs and reprints in production mail operations

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